BM23 and ID24 are two beamlines at the ESRF dedicated to the X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS). BM23 is a general-purpose energy scanning XAS beamline, installed on a two-pole wiggler. ID24 is an undulator beamline with two branches: one energy dispersive branch (ID24-ED) and one energy scanning branch (ID24-DCM). The beamlines cover a wide range of applications in chemistry, solid-state physics, materials science, biology, environmental science, geochemistry, geophysics and planetology.

Science at high-pressure is one of the prioritized research directions at BM23 and ID24. These beamlines offer among other setups, unique micro-beam stations and experimental setups, fully optimized for extreme condition studies at high pressure and high or low temperature. You are expected to work in these fields, conducting research, providing user support and developing the relevant capabilities of the beamlines.

As a Post-Doctoral fellow in High-pressure at BM23 and ID24, you will:

  • Participate in ongoing in-house research programmes in the field of physics/geoscience at HP/HT
  • Develop your own research programme in collaboration with your academic and/or industrial contacts
  • Support the external users as a local contact
  • Help to ensure continuous operation of ID24 and BM23 and support the high-pressure lab
  • Contribute to enhance the performance of BM23 and ID24 in the field of high-pressure, in particular with the Laser-Heated DAC setup (designing new instrumentation, adapting complementary analytical techniques, developing new software, etc.).

Further information can be obtained from Olivier Mathon (+33 476 88 25 61, e-mail: or Angelika Rosa (+33 438 88 19 75, e-mail:

For more information and to apply visit

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