PhD position at Queens University Belfast

A new PhD position in Integrated Approach for Direct Capture & Conversion of Co2 to Dimethyl Ether at Queens University Belfast.

Climate change and growing demand for clean energy are two most impending global challenges that need to be addressed with immediate priority. In this regard, direct capture, and conversion of the CO2 to valuable fuels and chemicals is at the centre stage, because it not only removes the global greenhouse gas from the environment, but also serves as the C1 feedstock for making net zero emission fuels and chemicals. However, activation of CO2 is quite daunting due to its stability and inertness. The conversion of CO2 to C1 fuels such as methanol and dimethyl ether (DME) can be successfully addressed using a combination of catalysis and reaction engineering. At Queen’s, we have developed novel catalytic approaches combined with appropriate reactor design to achieve CO2 transformation into various products such as methanol, formic acid and cyclic carbonates with high selectivity and conversions.

In this project, we will develop an integrated approach using novel catalysts to achieve high conversion and selectivities. Direct capture and conversion of CO2 is a two-step sequential process, which requires catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol in the first step followed by subsequent dehydration of methanol to DME in the second step. Successful production of DME in high yield requires optimisation of two-steps in tandem. In our group, we have recently developed novel catalysts for highly selective conversion of CO2, which is required for the first step of hydrogenation of CO2 [1]. 

The key scientific objective of the proposed research is to develop prototype catalytic technology for demonstration of direct capture and conversion of CO2 to DME. This objective will be achieved using novel catalysts and reactor design technologies developed in our research groups.

For more information and to apply visit–conversion-of-co2-to-dimethyl-ether.html

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