Postdoc position – nitrogenases at University of Geneva

The Milton group at the University of Geneva ( seeks one Postdoctoral Scholar in the area of Bioinorganic Catalysis and/or Bioelectrochemistry. Applicants
must hold a PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering or related disciplines, ideally with
experience in electrochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry or molecular biology. Existing experience in
bioinorganic chemistry is advantageous, although not essential. The PhD must be obtained prior to
engagement at UNIGE.

Nitrogenases, the only enzymes known to reduce kinetically inert dinitrogen (N2) to ammonia (NH3)
are of significant interest to new biotechnologies. The Milton group has previously explored
electrochemical turnover of nitrogenases ( More
recently, we have investigated whether both αβ halves of Mo-nitrogenase’s heterotetrameric (αβ)2
MoFe protein are strictly necessary for N2 fixation (
and The engaged postdoc will interact with the NCCR
Catalysis ( programme, in which we seek to further evaluate
nitrogenases for green NH3 production in vitro.

The laboratories are fully equipped for cloning, bacterial cultivation, protein purification under anoxic
conditions, anoxic electrochemistry and gas chromatography. The successful candidate will also benefit from (and contribute to) the dynamic environment of our group. Multiple opportunities to attend international conferences and workshops will be provided.

Administrative information:
Salary: ~84’000 CHF /year (gross), 100% activity (full time).
Paid leave: 25 calendar days of leave/vacation are provided.
Duration: Multi-year (evaluated annually) – 1 year in the first instance.
Start date: not before September 2024.
The candidate must supervise the practical work of undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry students
(Chemistry laboratories), with a maximum of 35 afternoons per year.
Prior knowledge of French is not needed.
Deadline: May 30th 23:59 CET.

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