Research Associate – Postdoc Operando X-ray Diffraction Tomography for Catalysis and Materials Research at DESY

The ā€œX-ray Microscopy in Catalysisā€ (XRM) group based at KIT strives to understand the structure and function of heterogeneous catalytic materials and processes – promoting efficient chemical synthesis, energy conversion technologies, and emissions control. To achieve this, we perform advanced X-ray imaging studies at synchrotron light sources – allowing deep structural analysis across multiple dimensions (2D/3D), hierarchical length scales (nm to mm) and under realistic reaction conditions (in situ/operando). This allows us to develop a holistic view of catalysts and functional materials in action.

We are currently seeking a motivated and proactive postdoctoral researcher to join our group in a new project in cooperation with the synchrotron light source PETRA III at DESY (Hamburg, Germany) which operates some of the most advanced X-ray imaging infrastructure in the world. As part of the XRM group, and in collaboration with DESY, you will:

  • develop and operate in situ / operando sample environments for high-energy X-ray diffraction tomography of catalysts and functional materials at work
  • develop your expertise in complex data analysis problems across the field of catalysis and materials science, which is invaluable for pursuing a career in research or industry
  • prepare research proposals, perform experiments at PETRA III and other synchrotron radiation sources worldwide together with the project partners
  • assist in microscopy and data analysis tasks for the group, and with beamline operations at P07 (DESY endstation)
  • NOTE: the main research tasks will take place at DESY, you will mostly be based in Hamburg, Germany during the project.

Essential to the project is willingness to contribute to synchrotron experiments within the project group and with external partners, engage with diverse research fields, and thrive in a multinational and interdisciplinary work environment. The project is led by Dr. Thomas Sheppard (KIT).

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