UK Catalysis Hub Data Management Virtual Workshop

When: 10 – 11 June 2021
Where: Virtual

The UK Catalysis Hub and the Scientific Computing Department of the Science and Technology Facilities Council invite you to participate in the [virtual] workshop on research data management for Catalysis Science which we are organising.


The analysis of the UK Catalysis Hub publications and their associated data objects found that the rate of the publications that include some form of data has increased. However, the types of data published varies considerably and alignment to FAIR data principles is in very early stages. This workshop aims at presenting the specific steps which researchers at every stage in their careers can take to address the challenges and opportunities for scientific data management (e.g. preservation, curation, publishing, and reuse). By participating on this workshop, you will be able to identify the required practices for effectively managing data, the platforms and frameworks supporting data publishing, refer to emerging data management practices, and understand the innovative research paths made possible by open data publishing. 

Although the focus of the workshop is oriented towards Catalysis Research data, students, and researchers from other areas can benefit from the general guidelines for good practice in research data management.


The Workshop consists of four sessions: (1) Introduction to Data Management, (2) Platforms and tools for data management, (3) UKCH data management in practice, and (4) Uses of published data.

  1. Introduction to Data Management: Explain the needs for data management in general, describe the FAIR data principles, present the UKCH DMP proposal
  2. Platforms and tools for data management: Existing tools and platforms which facilitate data management.
  3. UKCH data management in practice: Experiences of UKCH colleagues in scientific data management, particularly publishing of datasets.
  4. Uses of published data: Showcase the current and future applications of shared data.

Session Format 

The sessions are programmed to last 1.5 Hours and they are divided in four parts: Introduction [5 minutes] Topic presentations (3-4 ten-minute presentations) [40 minutes], Panel discussion (discussion between panellists of relevant issues) [20 minutes], Interaction with attending community (Q/A session) [20 minutes]. 

Speakers Include:

Bruce Ravel (NIST–BNL)
Abraham Nieva (UKCH/CU)
Abigail McBirnie (SCD-STFC)
Ian Clark (CLF)
Ian Bruno (CCDC)
Stuart Chalk (NFU)
Alejandra Gonzalez Beltran (SCD-STFC)
Brian Mathews (SCD-STFC)
Joris W. Thybaut (Ghent U)
Pedro S. F. Mendes (Ghent U)


Online Zoom Calls (Recorded for future reference)

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