UK Catalysis Hub EDI Event: Catalysis in a diverse world

When: 22 July 2021

On the 22nd of July 2021 the UK Catalysis Hub will host a full day virtual EDI event around the topics of diversity in scientific research.

The UK Catalysis Hub is hosting a full day EDI event: Catalysis in a Diverse World on the 22nd July. The conference will now be virtual due to the COVID situation in Europe and university travel bans.

Hear how people from diverse backgrounds have progressed their careers in catalysis. Speakers will be covering a mixture of their research and career progression and experiences working in science.

We are hoping listening to scientists talk about their inspiring research and experiences will help support the professional growth of all scientists and people in underrepresented groups in their careers.

Speakers include:
Prof. Moniek Tromp (RUG)
Prof. Donna Blackmond (Scripps)
Dr. M Sankar (Cardiff)
Dr. Rachel Cowen (Manchester)
Dr. Rebecca Melen (Cardiff)
Dr. Shaoliang Guan (HarwellXPS)
Dr. Bao Nguyen (Leeds)
Dr. Sarayute Chansai (Manchester)

Click on the talk titles to view talk abstracts

Session 1
Chair: Dr. Josie Goodall, UK Catalysis Hub 

9.10 -9.50 – Prof. Dr. Moniek Tromp (RUG) – Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Academia

9.50 -10.30 – Dr. Sarayute Chansai (Manchester) – State of the art in-situ spectroscopic technique for characterising and studying the heterogeneous catalytic reactions

10.30 -10.50Break: Tea and Coffee

Session 2

10.50 -11.30 – Dr. M Sankar (Cardiff) – Role of the Support in my Career and in Catalysis 

11.30 -12.10 – Dr. Rachel Cowen (Manchester) – Putting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the centre of research and innovation practices and culture

12.10 -13.40Lunch Break

Session 3
Chair: Dr. Mbongiseni William Dlamini, Research Associate, Cardiff Catalysis Institute

13.40 -14.20 – Dr. Rebecca Melen (Cardiff) – Catalyzing a career – my path into academia and a journey into main group catalysis

14.20 -15.00 – Dr. Shaoliang Guan (HarwellXPS) – Catalysis in a 2D world

15.00 -15.20Break: Tea and Coffee

Session 4

15.20 -16.00 – Dr. Bao Nguyen (Leeds) – Diversity in Catalysis

16.00 -16.40 – Prof. Donna Blackmond (Scripps) – Reflections of an Asymmetric Career Path  


The event follows on from the UK Catalysis Hub Virtual Summer Conference on the 20th July and 21st July. Visit the event page at for more information and to watch recordings of the presentations.

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