Stable and economic catalysts for green hydrogen

photo of Dr Yagya Regmi

Dr Yagya Regmi from Manchester Metropolitan University explains how his group is exploring platinum coated titanium dioxide as supports for iridium catalysts to help reduce the amount of iridium in water electrolysers and lower cost of hydrogen from electrolysis. Reducing the amount of iridium in water electrolysers without compromising performanceā€¦

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Methanol to hydrocarbons (MTH) for Net Zero

Methanol to hydrocarbons (MTH) is an important petrochemical process due to its ability to replace conventional fossil fuels (e.g., coal and crude oil) based gasoline, olefins and aromatics production with carbon neutral renewable methanol feedstock, which can be derived from CO2 reduction with H2O. The MTH process can reduce the netā€¦

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