Transition Metal Chalcogenide Bifunctional Catalysts for Chemical Recycling via Plastic Hydrocracking

Bifunctional zeolite catalysts have been demonstrated to depolymerise polyolefins via hydrocracking, and this work aims to replace expensive and earth-scarce precious metals such as platinum and palladium with earth abundant transition metal chalcogenides. Nickel sulfide, a common hydrocracking and hydrotreating catalyst for petroleum refining, was synthesized from the single source precursor (SSP) nickel (II) ethyl xanthate. This is a novel application of this synthesis method to supported catalysts, which are traditionally created by wet impregnation of aqueous nickel salts, followed by high temperature sulfidation using H2S, a flammable and highly toxic gas. Avoiding the use of hazardous reagents is another motivating factor in this research.

Aleksander Tedstone

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