Importance of Catalysis for Achieving Net Zero

It is critical to develop a broad portfolio of affordable and efficient technologies that can manage and ultimately overcome the climate crisis. The burden of developing such technologies to reverse the adverse effects of emissions without compromising the living standards lie with the scientific and engineering community in both academia…

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Watch now – On The Mechanism of Catalytic Methanol Synthesis

When: 28 April 2023, 15:00 BSTWhere: Online Methanol is an important platform chemical and is made on the industrial scale using heterogeneous catalysts. It is currently made in an extremely unsustainable manner, and new routes are needed, utilising ‘green’ hydrogen. The mechanism of the surface reactions involved and work relating…

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Watch Now Early Career Researcher symposium – Lignins

When: 22 March 2023, 15:00 – 17:00 GMTWhere: Online The UK Catalysis Hub are hosting a series of seminars for Early Career Researchers on the use of catalysts (bio, hetero- and homo-geneous) towards sustainable solutions in the carbon economy. The next virtual seminar for Early Career Researchers will be on…

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Fracking wastewater treatment: Catalytic performance and life cycle environmental impacts of cerium-based mixed oxide catalysts for catalytic wet oxidation of organic compounds

Fracking wastewater treatment abstract image

Fracking is a controversial technique that involves injecting water, sand and chemicals into shale rock to extract natural gas. One of the main challenges of fracking is how to treat the wastewater that is generated, which contains high concentrations of salt and organic pollutants. A new study conducted by the…

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Sustainable fuels and chemicals from biomass by Dr Christopher M. A. Parlett

A video on the sustainable fuels and chemicals from biomass by Dr Christopher M. A. Parlett, University of Manchester – Diamond Light Source Research Fellow in Catalysis Lignocellulosic biomass represents a sustainable feedstock for the production of carbon-based chemicals and fuels, which can function as drop-in replacements for conventional fossil…

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Stable and economic catalysts for green hydrogen

photo of Dr Yagya Regmi

Dr Yagya Regmi from Manchester Metropolitan University explains how his group is exploring platinum coated titanium dioxide as supports for iridium catalysts to help reduce the amount of iridium in water electrolysers and lower cost of hydrogen from electrolysis. Reducing the amount of iridium in water electrolysers without compromising performance…

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