Effect of calcination temperature on catalytic activity of hydrotalcites for Aldol condensation reaction

Varied calcination temperature of Mg/Al hydrotalcite catalyst is investigated with the aim of optimizing the catalytic performance by measuring the conversion of furfural. Various physicochemical characterization techniques, for example XRD, FTIR, and Thermal analysis are employed to explain the differences in catalytic activity of hydrotalcites calcined at different temperatures. An¬†in situ¬†rehydration of hydrotalcite calcined at temperatures <250ňöC showed minimum catalytic activity however the¬†in-situ¬†rehydrated hydrotalcite calcined at 550ňöC showed almost 100% conversion of Furfural.¬†In-situ¬†XRD measurement is performed at fixed humidity level and varied temperatures in order to relate the morphology of hydrotalcites with their catalytic activity.¬†

Authors: Sarwat Iqbal*, Sadaf Aftab, Tasnim Munshi, Ian J. Scowen

Affiliations: School of chemistry, Joseph Bank Laboratories Beevor St, Lincoln LN6 7DL

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