PhD Students

Alex Hawkins;
The application of neutron scattering techniques to investigate hydrocarbon conversion over zeolite catalysts

Andrea Zachariou;
Diffusion, reactivity and structural change in micro-porous materials.

Daniel Dervin;
Combined neutron and theoretical investigations into confined hydrocarbons

Daniela Farmer;
The preparation, activation and operation of promoted copper-based low-temperature water-gas shift catalysts

Dorota Matras;
Development of chemical imaging methods with application to the study of working catalytic membrane reactors

Ellie Dann;
Joined the UK Catalysis Hub as a PhD student in 2015 to study improved methods for heterogeneous catalyst characterisation using in situ synchrotron techniques. This iCASE studentship is in collaboration with Johnson Matthey’s advanced catalyst characterisation to provide knowledge of structure-function relationships of heterogeneous nanoparticle catalysts. The project has involved development of a new reactor for combined, in situ XAFS/DRIFTS/MS of supported nanoparticle catalysts during operation for gas phase emissions control technology.

Emma Campbell;
Uncovering the role of hydrocarbon pool species in catalytic reactions using Kerr-gated Raman spectroscopy

Jennifer Herbert;
Development of combined X-ray methods to study deactivation processes in catalysts used for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

Naomi Omori;
Advanced optical fluorescence imaging techniques for catalysis

Peixi Cong;
Structural factors affecting the (hydro) thermal stability of zeolites

Pip Hellier;
Segregation and reactivity in bi-cationic oxide catalysts

Rachel Blackmore;
Understanding mechanochemical synthesis of mixed oxides using synchrotron and neutron techniques

Monik Panchal;
Multiscale imaging and in situ studies for the investigation of industrially relevant materials. Involved in a collaborative iCASE studentship with UCL and Johnson Matthey. The project is based on multi scale imaging for the investigation of catalysts, where primary research will be conducted at the UK Catalyst Hub, Oxfordshire. Particularly, this project involves atomic scale analysis using high resolution TEM instruments at the ePSIC centre, Harwell and synchrotron based XAS, to characterised on industrially relevant materials provided by Johnson Matthey.

Jay Pritchard;
Jay completed his Masters in Chemistry at the University of St Andrews, and has a background in Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis. He joined the Cat Hub in 2017 as a PhD student to study the manipulation of Fischer-Topsch catalysts for selectivity control, utilising XRD-CT to study catalysts In-Situ. Supervised by Prof. Andy Beale, the project is a collaboration with BP.

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