UK Catalysis Hub Virtual Summer Conference 2021 РWatch Now

When: 20 – 22 July 2021

The UK Catalysis Hub Summer Conference 2021 was held on 20th & 21st of July 2021 with a full day EDI event: Catalysis in a diverse world on the 22nd July. The conference was virtual due to the COVID situation in Europe and university travel bans.
Talks started at lunchtime on the 20th July and continued on the 21st July until the afternoon with the EDI event: Catalysis in a diverse world on the 22nd July.

Speakers included: 
Prof. Lynn Kamerlin (Uppsala)
Prof John McGeehan (Portsmouth)
Dr. Abraham Nieva De La Hidalga (Cardiff)
Dr. Yibo Zheng (Rosalind Franklin Institute) 
Dr. Hasan Tanvir Imam (QUB)
Dr. Aleksander Tedstone (Manchester) 
Dr. Matthew Quesne (Cardiff)
Dr. Santhosh Matam (Cardiff)
Dr. Terri-Louise Hughes (Manchester)

Click on the talk titles to view talk abstracts and watch recordings of the presentations:

20 July 2021

Session 1 – Chair: Professor Christopher Hardacre, UK Catalysis Hub Director

12:00 -12:05 – Welcome & Instructions

12:05 -12:35 – Dr. Abraham Nieva De La Hidalga (Cardiff) – Blueprint for the Catalysis Data Infrastructure

12:35 -13:05 – Dr. Yibo Zheng (Rosalind Franklin Institute) – Post-translational mutagenesis – New Discoveries in Protein Damage and Repair

13:05 -13:35 – Dr. Hasan Tanvir Imam, (QUB) – Molecular raincoats, Fe-TAML and Enzyme addition

13:35 -15:00 – LUNCH BREAK

Session 2 – Chair: Professor Richard Catlow, UCL, Cardiff

15:00 -15:05 – Welcome & Instructions

15:05 -15:35 – Dr. Aleksander Tedstone (Manchester) – Transition metal chalcogenide bifunctional catalysts for chemical recycling via plastic hydrocracking 

15:35 -16:20 – Prof. Lynn Kamerlin (Uppsala) – Harnessing Conformational Dynamics and Computational Design to Generate Proficient Kemp Eliminase Activity on a Precambrian Scaffold 

16:20  – CLOSE

21 July 2021

Session 3 – Chair:  Professor Adrian Mulholland, Bristol

10:30 -10:35 – Welcome & Instructions

10:35 -11:05 – Dr. Matthew Quesne (Cardiff) – How bulk and surface properties of Ti4SiC3, V4SiC3, Nb4SiC3 and Zr4SiC3tune reactivity: A computational study

11:05 -11:50 – Prof John McGeehan (Portsmouth)- Enzyme Biocatalysis for the Circular Recycling of Plastics 

11:50 -13:20 – LUNCH BREAK
Session 4 – Chair: Professor Matthew Davidson, Bath 

13:20 -13:50 – Dr. Santhosh Matam (Cardiff) – Complementary neutron and infrared studies on the initial stages of the MTG process over H-ZSM-5

13:50 -14:20 – Dr. Terri-Louise Hughes (Manchester) – Combined total neutron scattering and NMR studies of confined hydrocarbons

14:20 – CLOSE

For more information on the EDI event: Catalysis in a diverse world, an exciting and diverse event exploring catalysis and career paths visit

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