UK Catalysis Hub Spring Conference 2019

UK Catalysis hub winter conference 2017 theatre photoOn the 2nd and 3rd of May 2019 the UK Catalysis Hub will host its annual spring conference and networking meeting. The Conference will take place on the Harwell Campus.

The conference will start at lunchtime on the 2nd and the main conference will conclude at lunch on the 3rd. There will be a dinner in the local town of Abingdon on the evening of the 2nd of May.

Speakers include; Prof. Donna Blackmond, Prof. Matthew DavidsonDr. Dmitry B. Eremin, Prof.  Enrique Iglesia, Dr. Simon Kondrat, Dr. Haresh Manyar, Prof. Veronique Van Speybroeck and Prof. Moniek Tromp.

The event will also include an exhibition of projects & poster session showcasing work from the Hub postdocs. The Conference will also include the presentation of the JMT medal for Catalysis.

Details of how to get to the Conference can be found here. The Hub will provide a bus to Abingdon after the conference for the dinner, please book a ticket if you wish to use this transport. After the dinner Attendees will need to arrange their own transport back to their accommodation.

Note: there is parking available on the campus in the Bus stop car park a short walk from reception. Please do not park in front of the reception building.

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2 May 2019
12:00-13:00 Buffet Lunch Visitors Centre (R112)
13:00-13:05 Welcome – Pickavance Theatre
Session 1

Chair: Professor Christopher Hardacre, UK Catalysis Hub Director

13:05-13:50 Porous manganese oxides materials: remarkably versatile redox catalysts
Dr. Haresh Manyar, QUB
13:50-14:35 Catalysis for the Circular Economy and Sustainable Manufacturing
Prof. Matthew Davidson, Bath
14:35-15:20 Title TBD
Dr. Andrew Logsdail, Birmingham
15:20-15:50 Break: Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)
Session 2

Chair: Professor Graham Hutchings, Cardiff

15:50-16:35 Tailoring Binding Sites and their Environments
Prof. Enrique Iglesia, Berkeley
16:35-17:15 Sir John Meurig Thomas Medal Presentation
Special winner announcement and talk
17:15-18:45 Drinks & Exhibition/Posters Visitors Centre (R112)
19.30 Dinner: The Cosener’s House
3 May 2019
08:30-09:05 Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)
Session 3

Chair: Professor Nick Turner, Manchester

09:10-09:55 Kinetic Profiling of Catalytic Organic Reactions as a Mechanistic Tool
Prof. Donna Blackmond, The Scripps Research Institute
09:55-10:40 Unraveling the nature of reactive intermediates and prevailing pathways within zeolite catalysis by first principle molecular modeling
Prof. Veronique Van Speybroeck, Ghent University
10:40-11:10 Break: Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)
Session 4

Chair: Professor Richard Catlow, UCL/Cardiff

11:10-11:55 Probing Active Species in Catalysis – Application of Advanced Lab and Synchrotron Techniques
Prof. Moniek Tromp, University of Groningen
11:55-12:25 Georgeite: Improvement in catalyst performance in exchange for an undefinable structure?
Dr. Simon Kondrat, Loughborough
12:25-13:10 Mass Spectrometry as a Tool to Reveal Dynamic Catalytic Systems
Dr. Dmitry Eremin, Zelinsky Institute of organic Chemistry RAS
13:10-14:10 Buffet Lunch & Exhibition/Posters Visitors Centre (R112)
14:10 Conference closes