Watch now – UK Catalysis Hub Summer Conference 2022

When: 20 & 21 June 2022
Where: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus, Fermi Avenue, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX

On the 20th and 21st of June 2022  the UK Catalysis Hub held its annual summer conference and networking  meeting.  The Conference took place at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire. The event was a hybrid event with the option to attend virtually for those who could not attend in person. 

The conference began at lunchtime on the 20th with lectures, a poster session and exhibition on the evening of the 20th June and dinner by invitation. 

Exhibitions on the evening of the 20th June featured work developing catalytic processes for Net zero including more effective use of water and energy, waste minimisation, and material reuse and reduction by scientists from institutions across the UK connected with the UK Catalysis Hub. Exhibitions included; A step towards net zero carbon emissions, Catalysis in Schools Outreach, How Catalysis can Enable a Sustainable Future Beyond Oil: The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2022, Replacing mercury with gold catalysts for a cleaner route to production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Prof. Charlotte Williams’ Group and poster prize sponsors Enabled Future.

A poster session ran alongside the exhibition showcasing work from the Hub postdocs. Our poster prize winners this year were Edward Jones, Catherine Spencer, Shaojun Xu and Anastasia Zaleska.

Prof. Andrew Harrison, OBE, FRSE, FRS, CEO, Diamond Light Source gave a public lecture at the UK Catalysis Hub summer conference. He spoke about his work at Diamond on Covid and the scientific opportunities with Diamond II for scientific research.

Speakers at the UK Catalysis Hub summer conference included researchers from the Catalysis Hub, internationally renowned speakers and industrialists covering a range of topics in catalysis.

Click on the talk titles below to view presentation recordings, talk abstracts and speaker biographies:

20 June 2022

11:45 -12:30 β€“ Buffet Lunch – Visitors Centre (R112)

Session 1 β€“ Pickavance Lecture Theatre (R22) Chair: Professor Matthew Davidson, UK Catalysis Hub Director

12:30 -12:35 β€“ Welcome & Instructions

12:35 -13:20 β€“ Dr. Devis Di Tommaso, Queen Mary University of London – Revealing the elementary processes controlling the conversion of small and abundant molecules to added-value chemicals and materials

13:20 -14:00 β€“ Dr. Thomas McGuire, Oxford – Catalytic Recycling of Polycarbonates

14:00 -14:40 β€“ Dr. Cristina Stere, Manchester – Removal of Low Concentration Pollutants from Potable Water using Non-thermal Plasma

14:40 -15:10 β€“ BREAK: Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)

Session 2 β€“ Pickavance Lecture Theatre (R22) Chair: Professor Nick Turner, Manchester 

15:10 -15:50 β€“ Dr. Reza Abbasi, UCLProcess system engineering methodologies toward in-silico catalyst design

15:50 -16:35 β€“ Prof. Thomas Ward, Basel  Artificial Metalloenzymes for in vivo Catalysis: Challenges and Opportunities

16:35 -17:20 β€“ Prof. Jenny Y. Yang, UCICO2 Capture, Concentration, and Conversion – virtually

17:20 -18:30  β€“ Prof. Andrew Harrison, OBE, FRSE, FRS, CEO, Diamond Light SourcePublic Lecture – Taking Diamond Light Source to a new level of brilliance

18:30 -19:30  β€“ Drinks, Exhibition & Posters, Visitors Centre (R112)

21 June 2022

8:30 -8:50 β€“ Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)

Session 3 β€“ Pickavance Lecture Theatre (R22) Chair: Professor Richard Catlow, UCLCardiff

8:55 -09:00 – Welcome

9:00 -9:10 – Dr. Abraham Nieva de la Hidalga (Cardiff) – Presenting the UK Catalysis Hub Research Data Policy

9:10 -9:55 β€“ Prof. Fernando Rey Garcia, Director, ITQStudies of charge compensation in zeolites

9:55 -10.40 β€“ Assoc. Prof. Sheima Khatib, Texas TechCatalyst design strategies for multifunctional metal-promoted zeolites in the conversion of natural gas to aromatics

10:40 -11:10 β€“ BREAK: Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)
Session 4 β€“ Pickavance Lecture Theatre (R22) Chair: Professor Andrew Beale, UCL   

11:10 -11:55 β€“ Dr. Silvia Osuna, GironaRational prediction of distal activity-enhancement mutations

11:55 -12:35 β€“ Dr. Michael Higham, UCLMechanism of Ammonia Synthesis on a Fe3Mo3N Surface

12:35 -13:20 β€“ Prof. Bright Kwakye-Awuah, KNUSTCatalytic activity of zeolite types LTA and LSX using waste sachet water in a re-designed jacketed reactor

13:20 -14:20 β€“ Buffet Lunch, Exhibition & Posters Visitors Centre (R112)

14:20 β€“ CLOSE

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